Tell Me Why

i was looking for one love 
but I stopped searching when I saw 
your pretty eyes you touched my heart 
i thought you´d always be right here 

i was feeling so special 
because I was your lovely treasure 
and I had your honey lips 
and everything I need 

i thought it would last forever 
what about your loving letters 
can´t you see it´s now or never 
we were meant to be together 

tell me why babe oh tell me why 
why dont you keep your promises whats wrong?
why did you say you love me where is the love 
now you say it`s gone 
now I?m all alone 

when I look up to the sky 
i think about the times we had 
about the laughter and the tears 
i see the star you gave to me 

i will give you my whole life 
my everyday you know Im right 
ill make you smile when you feel down 
you put my soul at ease

Danny Mazo


  • Kly Solis Really nice song, you nailed it with this one!

  • Ross Love haappy cuase i am learned this song

  • Ross Love ya casi me he aprendido esta cancion la cualk me encanta, danny espero me invietes a un concierto cuando sea aca cerca, solo por estas fecha es q esta cerca mi cumple lo veras de recordatorio en fb, tu fans number one, besos a emily esta hermosa q gran bendiciion